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Your child will strengthen his or her skills with plenty of hands-on activities designed to expand language skills, increase familiarity with the alphabet and numbers, and encourage positive interaction with others. They will also learn various concepts that will help them achieve later success in reading, math and other academic skills. These skills will cultivate self-confidence, making your child feel good about him or herself.  Spanish vocabulary instruction and sign language continues as simple songs and phrases are integrated into weekly lessons. Creative play promotes dexterity and develops imaginations. Reading and math-readiness concepts are introduced, along with science, social studies, cooking, and arts and crafts. Our classroom is organized into learning activity centers: reading, art, dramatic play, manipulatives, blocks, sand/water table, math and science. This is where everything your child has learned throughout his young life is fine-tuned to ensure that he is ready for kindergarten. Pre-reading and early math skills are enhanced as well as the equally important social and emotional skills required for success in a classroom atmosphere. Our skill-based lesson plans are organized into theme-based units that incorporate creative art, music, physical fitness, language, reading, science, math and social development. Our attractive and inviting environment begins your child’s journey that will eventually lead into kindergarten and beyond, ensuring your child’s success as a life-long learner, preparing for a successful elementary school experience.  At Brighter Futures, we also recognize the important correlation between intellectual and physical development! Just watch these scholars shine as they perform what they have learned throughout the year(s) at their cap-and-gown graduation ceremony in May!
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